Mobile TV on the Horizon?

Check this out! A group of mobile providers (i.e. Silicon Valley) including Apple, Google, and Sony, have offered $100,000,000,000 (yep, one hundred billion dollars) to gain access to television networks in order to broadcast via satellite to cellular devices. People currently have access to sites like Netflix and Hulu but many shows aren’t available or you have to wait forever and a day for them to be posted, there’s just no way to keep up. Can you imagine being able to watch with all your favorite shows in real time from your smartphone? The possibilities are endless. It would change everything about how we watch TV. The mobile providers we use see the potential in that and so do the cable providers and networks. The networks are asking for extremely high premiums in addition to basic charges and the mobile companies have agreed but the networks are still hesitant about taking the plunge. Many people currently use Apple TV, video game consoles, and other devices in order to gain access to the internet on their televisions, and because of this, they shy away from basic cable because most of the programs they want access to can be found somewhere on the internet. With an increase in internet television, you would think the cable companies would fight back, wanting to expand their reach and take control. I truly believe mobile television will be the next big “thing.” It’s just a matter of money. With cellphones being one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now, they’ve become an unstoppable force, really. They refuse to settle and are constantly finding ways to improve themselves and grow with new technology. Can you imagine if people were waiting in lines for hours and hours to pick up their pre-ordered televisions because the ones they bought two years ago are out of date by cultural standards [first world problems]? It’s kind of insane how quickly we move on and demand better and newer technology. They cellular companies know where the future of phones is heading and I’m sure they’ll go to any and all lengths to be the first ones there.