Not Another Miley Post…

Being involved in the music industry means having to keep up with a ton of news. I know everyone is so sick of hearing about Miley Cyrus and her VMA performance or her new risque music video but I want to look at it from a different angle.

Three days after her VMA performance, Miley did an interview with MTV: Watch it here. In the interview, she states that people are “over-thinking” the performance and they shouldn’t be. Well Miss Cyrus, I’m calling you out. This explosion of news and publicity was exactly what you wanted. Before the performance, her goal was to, “Make history like Madonna or Britney Spears.”  The performance was not about the music or the dancing, the goal was to cause controversy. Weeks later, she’s the biggest name in entertainment news and her lastest video for her new single “Wrecking Ball” broke records on YouTube. Her huge online presence and cult following of “smilers,” who she connects with using social media, are what catapulted her into this fame. The VMA performance was a publicity stunt veiled in a hot mess of obscene dancing and vulgar lyrics. Call her crazy but in my opinion (what do I know, I’m just a college student), she’s one of the smartest performers of her time. She is striving for fame, whether people hate her or love her doesn’t matter, it’s that they’re talking about her. In her music video, Miley is shown swinging naked on a wrecking ball, not to personify the lyrics (in which case, she would have been dressed like a wrecking ball herself) but as a way to turn heads and cause more controversy. Not even one month old, the single has it’s own Wikipedia page filled with critiques and questionably noteworthy news. Not only that, but it has started a “Hot New Trend” in which people are recreating the video. For Miley Cyrus, it’s not about being an icon that little girls can look up to, or an amazing singer. It’s not about the music, it’s about making herself a household name, which is something I think she has accomplished by utilizing twitter and youtube to their fullest potential (with a little help from MTV).



Hi, I’m Becca and welcome to my blog! Born and raised in south Florida, I am currently a senior at UCF. My major is Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses in art and communications, and minors in music and business. After graduation, my goal is to work in the music business, hopefully for a company like Live Nation. Advertising, marketing, and public relations are crucial aspects of the music business and the utilization of social media is growing exponentially. I would like to focus on marketing using social media because a huge majority of the demographics of the target market for live music events are males and females ages 16-35, who can be reached via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other online outlets.